Gather ye who wish to hear,
The remarkable tale of a missing tear,
That slipped so discretely from thy corner,
Of each tormented morose mourner,

That wails for the absence of thy freedom,
For masked is the light of the guiding beacon,
By the pillars of thy deceptive society,
Whither education has been established on irony.

Notwithstanding austerity, shall thou arise,
From the flames unintended to be thy demise,
As a Phoenix reborn from the ashes anew,
Metamorphosed shall thou be, too?

The single drop that was unleashed,
Began a flood, that on fallacies besieged,
Dismiss from thy mind the crowd thou art amidst,
Thou too, as the tear, shall be a catalyst.

Stay true to yourself,
Do not conform,
Chase your dreams.

Note: “do not conform” does not mean disobey/disrespect/take up bad habits! Stay true to yourself and stay on the path that is right for you without deviating to an unhealthy one!

Image source

This is my first time writing a piece as such. Please feel free to let me know of any error(s) in the usage of some terms, grammatical or otherwise.


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