At night in bed I’m stirring, stirring,
My empty mind is whirring, whirring,
Unable to tolerate a life so idle,
Yet succumbing to a lethargic bridle,
I gallop when the others reign,
But go wild when tugged at my rein,

Free me from my speculations,
I do not wish to spoil relations,
Sturdy my essence, for I am too fragile,
I shatter like glass, though I am agile,
A casing of stone but heart of soil,
Crumbling when my blood does boil,

Please sow some seeds of inspiration,
Let plants grow high with a desperation,
To be tall trees that reach the clouds,
To help me make my way through crowds,
To provide me the vision of a bird,
A panorama of the world I’ve only heard,

Oh, as the rain pours, nourishing my heart,
To scan my new view, my eyes would dart,
As if it would vanish right before me,
As if I could grab everything that I see,
I wonder, how much more I could take,
I wonder, what of myself I’ll make.

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)


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