What do I do,
When the thoughts in my head
Have come to a standstill?
How can I cope
When my seductive bed
Only wards off the chill
I feel in my periphery
But not the one at my core?
My reflections in disharmony
Daily life feels like a chore

How do I sleep
With my eyes pried open
By the monsters underneath?
How do I speak
When fear has stolen
The voice behind my teeth?
I am falling
Into an obscure abyss
Of my own calling
From my metropolis

How do I stand
When it seems as if
Even gravity is against me?
It feels like all the walls
Are closing in around me
How do I breathe
When I take a whiff
And my lungs collapse on me?
This feeling of
Could it be love
Or a catharsis?
Detoxifying my soul
And purging the negativity
Was that really the goal,
To bring me back to reality?

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)


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