There I am, a ball of yarn,
And you’re the kitten beside me.
Before you start to pull, I warn:
There is a proper way to know me.

To get into my inner core,
You must unravel slowly,
However if you wish for more,
You must not pull too hastily.

For a jolt is all it takes to knot,
My poor heart cannot handle,
Such tangles, please forget it not:
Do not my ends mishandle.

Slow and steady, tug my string,
Trace back my steps before me,
For oh they will begin to bring,
More insight to the real me.

Up and down and left and right,
Around and around you go,
All so that you gain true sight,
To the woman you desire to know.

At last you’re done and what remains,
Is a mere long piece of thread,
Onlookers question, you explain:
The truth was in the tread.

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

Note: The last line might seem a little confusing. I used the word “tread” in this context, as, to go on a journey. In this case, it was the journey of unraveling the thread, slowly getting to know and understanding the soul inside. Once the thread is untangled, it may seem so simple, but the process of untangling is what led to the true comprehension.

the kitten has no fun with a plain string, the fun is in the challenge of untangling/tangling the yarn xD

Also, the featured image is my art!

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