She (Collaboration With Sidharth Jain)

I see an angel disguised as a simple girl,
Whose heart is as pure as a shining pearl,
She glides like a graceful gentle dove,
In her soul flows the river of unconditional love.

She is a caged, tormented, elegant bird,
Yet she weaves love into her every word,
She remains to be your most faithful ally,
All she desires is to fly free in the sky.

But her sky is filled with dark grey clouds,
That rain down on her earth, judgmental crowds,
Her every move is observed and mocked,
At every step, her self-esteem is rocked.

Benevolently, she turns deadly venom into an elixir of life,
While her desires get slaughtered under the society’s knife,
She’s a warm blooming paradise on this cold earth,
Yet she’s in a constant war to justify her worth.

She walks on broken glass, a thousand miles,
She hides her sufferings behind fake smiles,
Her silence overhauls her painful screams,
As subliminally she sacrifices all her dreams.

She dreams of a land of paradise,
Where for her heart she’ll be recognized,
She yearns to make a change in this man’s-world,
But all you perceive is a silly little girl.

You discern her in the meals you eat,
She is the reason that your heart does beat,
She is a mother, and a worker bee,
Regrettably that is all you see.

In your eyes she is a mere prize to be won,
A mindless doll in the magazines with whom you can have fun,
But you must understand there is more than meets the eye,
If you take time to know her you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

She can be a doctor, a pilot, a software engineer,
There are no limits to her career,
Encourage her, motivate her, abolish her fears,
You can be the one to dry her tears.

She is strong, beautiful, and intelligent too,
She can do everything you thought she couldn’t do,
Do not underestimate her inner power,
She is more than an ordinary delicate flower.

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

© (Sidharth Jain)

Note: This poem is my third collaboration with the talented writer Sidharth Jain! Check out his blog and his version of the poem here!

Our other collaborations: 1) For My Bully, 2) Hymn For Humanity


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