When the aggressive blizzard strikes,
And the fields are heavy-laden with snow,
On all your hard work when the storm pikes,
What will you reap when gone is what you did sow?
Do you know?

When your families are starving,
And you’re surrounded by a deadly foe,
The situation is quite alarming,
A precious gift upon you will God bestow?
He will, I know.

Required by you are food and supplies,
Your pleading eyes beg us not to go,
This will end soon, I hope and surmise,
Soon you will have plenty of dough –
This is not a deathblow.

I promise you, the sun will shine,
And once more your crops shall grow,
I promise that you will be fine,
From now on luck to you will flow and flow,
This I know.

For you are in my heart and prayers,
Do you know? Do you know?
We’ll put an end to the destroyers,
And on your face there’ll be a glow,
This I know.

And one day looking back you will recall,
How many seasons long ago,
The time of your people almost did fall,
Until visited by a form of Apollo,
The cloudburst ceases and you see a rainbow.

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

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