Is your room clean?

After a long hard day of toiling,
I come home and my blood is boiling,
For my humble abode is brimming with clutter,
“Oh when will I change!” To myself, I mutter.

The gentle breeze makes me start shivering,
And I notice my lips begin quivering,
Shall I put myself to task my daily chores?
My mind and my body begin their wars.

Ultimately we all know who does win,
Constantly, I am committing sin!
Against myself and my existence,
Oh in my life I need some substance!

I am sick and tired of this daily routine,
Oh why cannot my mind I clean?
I must awaken and arise,
For extravagance, I must strive!

But I remain lethargic in my bed,
I let the thoughts ruminate in my head,
By the milestones ahead, I am overwhelmed,
Oh this apprehension must be withheld!

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

For me, the state of my room is related to the state of my mind/body (mostly my mind).
I have noticed that when I am mentally alright, my room is clean, tidy, and organized.
However, when my room is messy, it’s indicative of a disorganized mind as well (unless I am physically incapacitated in any way that prevents me from being able to pick up after myself).
Also, vice versa! When I finally get up and I force myself to tidy and organize my room, my mind starts to declutter as well and becomes more relaxed.
I live in a cycle of being glued to my bed, having no mood to get up and change something, feeling bad about it, procrastinating, sleeping, waking up the next day telling myself “today will be different!”, then going to work, coming back home, and repeating the same unhealthy routine.

I am constantly waiting for myself to change…

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m not really sure if I should say I’m glad you could relate or not because it’s not actually a good thing to feel 🙈

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