A Plea

I am constantly giving my all,
And I am, constantly at war,
For the two sides of me,
Must never ever mix you see?

I do so much for those around me,
But I am caged, I am not free,
I am a prisoner of these bones,
I belong to a unit but I feel so alone,

We all work towards a common goal,
But the major burden is for me to haul,
Upon me there’s too much pressure,
And if you were to ever measure,

How much I do each minute, each second,
I wonder what of me you’d reckon,
For if I were to just quit,
For your life, that would be it,

For my every beat is how you breathe,
And my consistency gives you relief,
But I just wish to you I could show,
There are other places I wish to go!

Please take me to a land that’s free,
A land where I just can be me,
I wish I could convince you, mind,
Please to your heart just once be kind.

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)


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