In a lonely old road, I’ve been walking solo,
Shouldering a vast load, buried in my sorrow…

I’m waiting for an outstretched hand, to pull me to the end,
In this world that seems so bland, I’m searching for a friend,

I’m inching to the bright light, I see ahead in my life,
A land of snowy pure white, away from all this dark strife,

I wonder when I shall learn, I need to brave this harsh sea alone,
In my passion I burn, till I reach a safe zone,

I step out into the sun; murky waters start to clear now,
There is so much to be won, I am eager with the plow,

I’d been out of my mind, hallucinating a nightmare,
But now it’s time to unwind, to put an end to the despair,

In this lonely old road, since I’d been walking solo,
I’m shouldering a vast load, ready for tomorrow….

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

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