You cling

You cling to your lover
You cling to the pain
Like a mummified corpse clings to his beloved coffin

You cling to the battery
Leaking out from your phone
Escaping from the various sins you‘re meant to atone

You cling to your mother
On your most caustic day
When the clouds above are not more than a dusky gray

You cling to the shadow
Of your deceased friend
Wishing just like his sorrows that yours too would end

You cling to the memories
Of your childhood times
When you had no true tangible confines

You cling to the grave
Of your blackened heart
Hoping the taint would wash off with a newfound spark

You cling to the hope
From a brand new love
Praying for permission from those above

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)


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