I open my windows to let the breeze in,
Oh, the moonlight welcomes me, caressing my skin,
Bequeathing me a red carpet straight to your heart,
Permitting me to enter a new world of pure art.

As I place my foot in the cool ocean sand,
The stars greet me and they take my hand,
Ushering me into the prurient sea,
Whose waves anticipate an embrace with me.

As I inch forward, I am cloaked,
By a blanket of saline whence provoked;
Engulfing me in a tenure vigilant,
Are these restless waters undulant.

Oh, the breeze and the moonlight, they both are you!
So are the sand and the stars and the waters too!
For I see you in my every neighbor,
You are present in life’s every flavor.

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

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