Oh, this distance…

My love, my days with you are numbered,
But my thoughts never cease, oh yes I wondered,
What in my life I would do with out you,
How could I stay so far from you?

Our relationship exists solely on the phone,
For this at times I feel so alone,
But I dream of the times when I shall meet you,
And I just hope those days shall come soon.

My dear love in the summertime,
I greet you in my wintertime,
If only I could reach out to you,
I picture fingers entwine as you look at the sky blue,

When you look above at a cloudy sight,
I gaze at my own starry night,
Though on opposite ends of the world we live,
Our hearts to each other we’re ever-ready to give.

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

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