Where am I?

I am an unnamed nomadic soul,
Wandering through a forgotten valley,
As if merely taking a pleasure stroll,
Gravitating towards an ominous black hole,
All of the spirits start to rally.

Awaiting my turn, I drift in line,
Unaware of what is to be my fate,
All of the bodied ones visit a shrine,
They worship me as if I am divine,
I watch from above till I reach a gate.

At the entrance, an angel questions me,
And my life flashes before my eyes,
Oh, now I do begin to see,
What has certainly become of me,
And oh, it takes me by surprise!

My form did dematerialize,
And leave me with a shining light,
That now I observe and realize,
What this radiance in me implies,
Oh, Heaven is a profound sight!

©lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

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