Our Ship

There’s a sinking feeling in my chest,
As my ship is drowning from the test,
Of waters from my now dry eyes,
As their hope in sailing dies,

To keep afloat I really tried,
But there was no lighthouse to guide,
Me into the deepest depths of your soul,
And now in our ship there’s a hole,

Oh words were not enough to patch,
This wooden vessel with a secret hatch,
Through which I witnessed you attempting to flee,
On this rocky sailboat leaving me,

I wanted to take us to shore, together,
You left me feeling under the weather,
I wanted to hold hands and soar,
In the sky forevermore,

But now I’m alone with only my fears,
And you aren’t here to dry my tears,
The reason I continue to cry,
The reason I continue to try,

Because I cannot let go of our affections,
And if only the beacon could give me directions,
I would row straight to your center,
To once again in your heart enter.

©️lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)



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