A Moment

How beautiful would it be, if we could live in a moment,
Wouldn’t it be a dreamer’s paradise?
If we were to freeze our clocks, as time’s opponent,
Would we continue to love all the lies?

Walking in this enchanted forest,
All I can feel is pure bliss,
For I feel this place is truly the purest,
And it’s somewhere I know that I would miss.

But if I were to continue down this lonely path,
Forgetting the people that passed me by,
I think that then I would feel time’s wrath,
And my world would feel so dry,

Without the people I had come to love,
Nourishing me like watering greens,
What I really need I would be so deprived of,
And I’d be living my life as a machine.

How can we truly appreciate a moment,
If we attempt to live in it forever?
I know in longing the heart does lament,
But let us cherish it and love our lives together,

For the future also has so much in store,
And as we wait we shall enjoy the present,
The past was a gift but there is so much more,
And wherever we are, we shall be content.

©️lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

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