Her World

As she gazed out at the panoramic view,
Through the window of a home that felt like a cage,
She saw a kaleidoscopic scene of color so true,
That began to shake her bottled up rage,

For her interior had always been dull and bland,
All throughout her bromidic existence,
As she thought about the future that she had planned,
She realized from her present there was much distance,

She wanted to break free from her black and white world,
And explore all the hues in the earth and sky,
But streaming down her face tears impearled,
As she allowed herself to simply standby,

Remaining merely a perceiver of the passing universe,
While yearning for a life more desirable than her own,
She felt she was put under a heinous curse,
As in her mental prison of despair she stood alone,

But as her bottle of emotions was shaken and disturbed,
The pressure built up and was ready to explode,
And out burst everything she had ever observed,
Now bathed in color was her abode.

©️lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)


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