My Star ⭐️

I place my heart in my nightjar of dreams,
Way up in the clouds above which a certain star gleams,
Watching over and protecting me,
I know there’s that someone who I can’t see,

Who fills up my jar with rainbow fairy dust,
That sprinkle in the air a fragrance in which I trust,
Infusing tenacity into my veins,
And flushing leeriness out through the drains,

Oh, the reason my soul begins to float!
I wish I could send you a handwritten note,
Expressing my gratitude for your love,
Would my paper plane of thoughts reach so high above?

©️lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)


        1. Sorry, could you explain what you meant? I didn’t get you 😛
          (To me, this poem is about a sort of guardian angel, or God)


          1. i see. well, if i were to essay all the love and romance, that I’ve read to you and felt; and fill it in a few excerpts; all of it would feel rather sweet.
            briefly, you love sweetly is what I’m trying to say. like in general and not just on the basis of this poem 🙂

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