Are you a feminist?

What is feminism?

According to the dictionary it is:

‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes

That means, feminism is a promotion of gender equality.

  1. Why then, do some people promote women and put down men in the process, all in the name of feminism?
  2. Why then, do some women who call themselves ‘feminists’ put down other women if they’re supposedly advocating women empowerment?

Perhaps the word feminism is a misnomer, for it may be mistaken to mean the upliftment of only women. This is what I would call pseudo-feminism.

However, even by this false definition:

  1. this is still no reason to opprobriate males
  2. and shouldn’t women be working together rather than against each other?

I think that men and women should both receive equal opportunities, but more than that, I believe that people should be judged on an individual basis – depending on their individual personalities and capabilities, because each person has their own strengths and limitations, regardless of their gender.

If this opinion of mine matches with the definition of feminism, then I am a feminist. Are you?

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  1. I don’t belive in any ideologies, I think they are limiting as you view the world through an ideological lense, meaning you have to make what you see in the world fit into a specific world view. You can want equality of the sexes without labelling yourself a feminist. Wanting and believing in the equality of men and women does not automatically make you a feminist in my opinion. Feminism as a movement has been corrupted by grievance feminsm, of which focuses on minute female issues within Western society rather than fighting to decrease the crazy high male suicide rate. They don’t talk about the fact men make up an overwhelming majority of the homeless population. Or the fact men are given more time than women for the same crime. Or the fact men are more likely to die at work because they do the most dangerous jobs.
    I have an issue with a movement that cares more about men sitting with their legs too wide than the fact men are suffering in silence.
    I’m sorry if this comes across as rude, I am just very passionate about these issues.
    I appreciate you have acknowledged the difference between the official definition and the acts being carried out in the name of feminsm.
    Dictionary definitions do not define a movement. It is the people acting on the movements behalf that define it.

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    1. Exactly, I completely agree with you, and you definitely did not come off as rude! If we were to go by the dictionary definitely of feminism then we would all be considered feminists as we all want the same thing – gender equality, equal opportunities and punishment also. I also feel that people are misusing the misnomer of the word “feminism” and behaving in a manner that is not actually in accordance with the actual definition. Thank you for your comment and highlighting the issues that men have to face as well! I don’t think enough importance is being given to any of these issues. We should all behave in a manner that is respectful towards people as individuals and not discriminate between genders!

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