One night, on the day of the eclipse,
We finally reached the awaited apocalypse,
Astonished, people wondered if I were a seer,
In return I asked them “have you really lived here?”

How could they be so unaware of this world’s corruption?
Ignorant of law and orders’ ever present disruption?
For even the educated never really did care,
They only showed desperation when their pockets were bare.

Help me build a spaceship to the moon,
I wish to escape this planet very soon!
I cannot live here one moment longer,
Where the weak remain weak and the powerful get stronger,

No matter how much some toil away,
Unable to effectively seize the day,
The ones with influence climb the ladder,
And the ones left behind start believing nothing matters,

For they lose hope in society and their capabilities,
They give up and focus only on their responsibilities,
Attempting to make ends meet no matter the price,
The collateral damage being their morals’ sacrifice,

And thus the vicious cycle of unscrupulousness ensued,
While the law enforcers lie and delude,
The minority are those who attempt to make an honest living,
But oh they are only barely surviving!

The fault lies in the very beginning,
Yes, right from a child’s upbringing!
Have you ever reprimanded a child for cheating on a test?
Why do you not encourage them to simply do their best?

Why do you pressurize and value only results?
When the child makes a mistake, you only insult?
Why are you not focused on the process of their learning?
Your methods are only of mendacity promoting!

I have no more hope left in this planet,
I don’t believe it will change even when I’m granite,
But if I dare to hope that future parents and educators,
Start to teach the newer generations better,

Then I’ll look through my telescope,
For then maybe for my great grandchildren there might still be hope,
For a promising future in their original motherland,
But till then I’ll remain in a faraway moon land.

©️lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)


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