Oh blessed December, I’ll always remember, how you were the cherry on top to November,
You paved way for all I have today and to an ascendant future ahead you are the gateway,
And as I enter through, oh I am so beholden to you – the reason my dreams are all coming true!
Oh I’ll marry the moon, the time is soon, and just the thought of it makes me swoon,
The new year is coming, to my rocket I’m running, for from now we shall be more forthcoming!

©️lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)


                    1. i can’t share like right here. but i may have told you about it back when we were talking 🙂
                      also i do think of you often. you’re one of the very sweetest that I’ve met.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Ah, I figured it was that! I wish you all the very best!
                      And thank you, that’s very nice of you 🙂


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