You are the first light that meets the horizon,
The painted sky around the rising sun,
Within each intricate brush stroke are you,
Within the deep sea water so blue,
Reflecting the sky I see in your eyes,
Filled with curiosity and surprise,
Your playful strawberry lips masking your bewilderment,
Commandeering me to stay in this moment,
And I willingly obey the decree of those eyes –
Those restless, inquisitive, stunning eyes!
That could only belong to an innocent angel,
Though naive you are not, watching you I am shameful,
Abashed at the route of my sacrilegious thoughts,
I guiltily gulp as my stomach knots,
Oh it isn’t your semblance but your provident mind,
The manner in which you speak, oh how kind!
The way you soothe the world, and heal,
Do you envisage how that makes me feel?
I am as helpless as any other,
And you, my queen, are nature’s mother!

©️lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)


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