Laying on my bed in the middle of the night,
It’s dark, but not quite, there’s a little bit of light,
And my eyes, they seem to play tricks on me,
There are ripples as if I am under the sea.

I need something or someone here,
To keep me distracted and dry my tears,
For my precious companion departed from me,
I’m just glad I know now that, free is he,

For far too long he had suffered the wrath,
Of passing time that never halts its path,
A victim of decrepitness,
All I wished for was his happiness, his healthiness,

He left me quietly in my sleep,
And in his absence I did weep,
I just wish that he’d left peacefully,
I spend my nights now sleeplessly.

©️lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

When I lost Hammy

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