Do you ever get tired of the chase?

Ever exhausted from hiding your face?

The way the moonlight stream flows through your fur –

Does it in the hunter feelings stir?

And when you hear him pull the trigger,

Do you bolt with massive vigor?

No longer can you feel your feet,

You only know you shan’t be beat,

Hiding in the deep dark forest,

You realize you have no place to rest,

Alone in the world you start to think,

If maybe it is best to lie and sink,

For the end is the end of your agony,

You wish to be granted amnesty,

But what did you ever do so wrong?

Do you have a place where you belong?

You start to believe that martyrdom,

Is the single road to true freedom,

But when the hunter disappears,

Along with him, do all your fears?

Was he the pure root of your peril,

Or was he just your will’s transferral?

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