I hear the sound of leaves crunching underneath my boots,
And dandelion seeds disappear,
And as I stroll I tremble reminiscing upon my roots,
Do you wonder what it is that I fear?

I don’t seem to realize the hours ticking by,
I’m living in a fading daydream,
And as I gaze upon the ever color changing sky,
My melancholy heart desires to scream,

Afraid that I’ll vanish into the dust,
Forgotten with no kin,
The blood in my veins turns to rust,
There are goosebumps on my skin,

I refuse to exist as a perdu ghost,
Unwilling to leave a mark,
My actions shall touch the hearts of most,
My thoughts shall ignite a spark,

That is the only way that I see,
There’s a purpose to my birth,
But even if the only one I’ve helped is me,
I’m meant to be on this earth,

So I hold my head up high and I do what I’ve got to do,
I do what gives me life and energy to my soul,
I aim to make the world a better place for me and you,
For I believe that I am nothing without my goal.

©️lightbehindthecloud (Tejasvi Kashyap)

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